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Stainless Steel Seed Phrase Storage System

X-SEED PRO offers the most secure and indestructible seed phrase storage system and solution to backup your private key.

• Offline • Hot wallet OK
• Waterproof • Cold wallet OK
• Fireproof • Engraver
• Tamper-proof • Stainless steel storage
• Pre-stamped English letter tiles
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Compatible with Hot & Cold wallets

Fast & Easy Setup

 Cold Wallet

Generate private key offline with a cold wallet.

X – Seed

Store your seed phrase offline with X-SEED.


Complete COLD & OFFLINE security.

Compatible with Hot and Cold wallets


01. Release

Open seed storage, unlock the frame, and release the safety lever by pressing inside the long slot.

02. Insert

Open the frame while safety lever is released, and insert into the slot the first 4 letters of each recovery word.

03. Lock

After inserting all the recovery words, lock the frame by turning the screw clockwise.

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Weight 0.46 kg
Dimensions 105 × 180 × 45 cm


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